111 -Why Ride Motorcycles?


Haying in Washington

Haying in Washington

If you don’t know the answer already I’m not sure anyone can tell you.  I can tell this fellow knows without asking him.  


I was recently riding north on highway 21, a small winding two lane road through Northern Washington when I came around a corner and saw him haying.  I stopped and watched him make a round, the only sound was that of the metal teeth clicking back and forth.  


The wife said if it wasn’t for that water bottle swinging below his seat the photo could be a hundred years old.  He wasn’t trying to save gas or show off (especially show off as we were the only one on the road all morning) he was just enjoying the day.  It doesn’t matter what you ride, how fast your go or where you go the joy is in just being there.

Yes that is me!

It has been a long time since I rode a horse… but I feel like some sort of asphalt cowboy when I am straddling my bike.  It is beyond explanation and if you don’t ride you will never truly understand.  








By the way for those of you who don’t know the wife is also Alberta raised check this out.  But I digress 

Myrna in cowboy hat


So to all my wayward kin, no matter what you mount, I bid you a good ride and a great day.

5 thoughts on “111 -Why Ride Motorcycles?

  1. Layton , just rode from GP to Jasper to Banff , stayed overnight, rode to Radium, south to fort steel and thru the Crowsnest & up to Okitoks. Stayed over and rode up highway 22 to Rocky, thru Drayton and home. GReat ride. I skill call next ride to Kelona. Regards Malcolm Gillis


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