Traveling tip 1

Traveling tip 1

I have travelled many countries around the world and I’m surprised how many North Americans are afraid of new place the view as dangerous. The most dangerous places I have been in include Chicago, LA, Detroit, Toronto, and Vancouver. Every where has good and bad parts of town. 

You can find places that offer all the comforts of home, the people speak English, you will feel safe and be relaxed. It is called the Hilton’s. You can sit and chat with fellow countrymen and discuss football. If you stretch and stay where the locals do, you will meet friendly, interesting people and learn about their lives, history and culture. 

One blogger suggested the secret to being “safe” is to blend in.

I’m doing that now in rural Costa Rica. To hide my my very white skin with bright pink highlights I stand in the middle of crowds where only my body above the waist is visible, over the heads of everyone else. 

I think it’s working. I just finished breakfast. Huevos ranchero, so good and it only took four glasses of water to get it down without burns. 

The owner says I can work on my books here. 

Signing off for now. 

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