Time to press “Ctrl Alt Delete”

Unless a massive meteorite comes out of nowhere today most of us will survive another year but will we simply carry on from last year or truly begin something new?

layton prospecting Like most people I always think I will start anew but somehow slip back into the same old habits, goals, thinking, etc. that seem so comfortable. Sometimes I last up to several days but usually it doesn’t really take that long. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just press Ctrl, Alt, Delete wipe out the old and start over with a clean slate?

But alas, I do like to live in my own little world because I everyone knows me there and expanding or growing involves letting others get to know me and that can be scary, right? By sending out these blogs I expose a little more of who I am and sometimes I get negative responses that tend to make me want to shrink back.

Last night I saw the movie, “The Theory of Everything” the incredible story of the world famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and the obstacles he overcame. One of the most inspiring movies I have seen in some time and I highly recommend it. At the end of the movie he quotes from Jules Vern’s novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth, “While there is life there is hope.” This gave me some thought to my future.

So let me state to all those in my little world what I plan to do this year so you can hold me accountable and I challenge you to do the same, even here in the comments section if you like.

  1. I plan to finalize the two books that have been with my publisher for almost two years waiting my final edition and approval.
  2. I plan to put out a more inspiring and regular blog on moving forward in order to expand and expose the brands of our businesses.
  3. I plan to begin taking on business coaching and consulting work again, because I learn so much myself from my clients.
  4. I plan to give Face Book less time and quit arguing with idiots. Apparently people watching sometimes have trouble tell the difference between us.
  5. And finally just be a kinder gentler soul, willing to have coffee with anyone who has time.

In closing I just want to point out that the one thing I have observed over the years is that most nudists are people you don’t really want to see naked, yet naked they are. Expand that to the rest of the world and you will find there are a lot of successfully people in all walks of life that are successful even though you may wonder how or why. The bottom line is they are not afraid to expose themselves, warts and all and expand their little world. They put their selves out there, ignore the negative people and move onward and up ward.

My New Year Wish for you is to do the same. Reset your inner computer and achieve all you dream of.

Thanks you.

One thought on “Time to press “Ctrl Alt Delete”

  1. Glad to hear you are thinking about how to make next year a good one. I’ve been thinking about that too. Right now I’m reading “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington and I like her ideas about the Third Metric for defining success, and by extension, recreating our lives.

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