It is time my Muslim friends to step up!

Last stand

Nathan Cirillo just minutes before being gunned down in Ottawa.

We don’t need yet another blog about the Muslim problem in the world today but I just had to get this off my mind.

I recently had a debate on my door step with a Christian telling me how much better this world would be if we just all belonged to their faith.

Sorry, but some of us choose not to follow the ancient beliefs of wandering middle east tribesmen in light of what we now know to be the truth, thanks to modern science. It is time we took religion out of all our politics and quit killing people over who’s God loves who more.

I have a couple of really good Muslim friends who were born and raised in this country one over 80 years ago.  These are quiet, loving and gentle Canadians, who I trust completely.  One told me once, the men who piloted the planes into the twin towers were no more Muslim, than the men who dropped the bombs on Hiroshima, were Christian.  He said this is true because you cannot be a believer in either religion and still engage in violence and murder.

Opponents claim you only have to read the Koran to see that is not true, however do not apply that rule to the Christian Bible, which by the way share many of the same old testament books which also call for the stoning and killing of family and friends for blasphemy.  Of course even the most devote  Christians now ignore those “words from God” but believe that Muslim do not, and they all have a secret adjenda.

I completely trust the Muslims I know and I defend them when I hear racist comments but those comments are becoming more common so it is time for the Muslims to step up and speak out as well.  Many Muslims remain quiet because the know that Isis kills thousands of Muslims in order to maintain their power and they do not want to risk their family and friends or they do not wish to bring attention to themselves and their beliefs but my friends, your silence is being mistaken as condoning the actions of these terrorists.

I urge my friends and all good Muslims, and there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of them in Canada, to put your fears aside and step up and be counted.  It is time to denounce publicly the actions of these radicals.  Today we lost a good, unarmed man to a madman who will be simply be labeled Muslim. Don’t let this turn into more hate directed at your faith, speak up and say you too condemn this action.

Encourage, no insist, that your faith leaders speak out.  Insist that terrorist and terrorist recruiting pockets that exist in your community are rooted out.  Stand with other non-violent Canadians  to let people know your fathers and forefathers came here for the same reason ours did.  We all want a safe place to live with great opportunities for our children but we cannot do this alone, we need your help.

If you love this country, as I know most you do, then help us get rid of the cancer that will consume us all if we allow it to continue to grow.  This is not about faith, about being Christian or Muslim or about what you choose to believe, it is about doing what is right.

The war came home today, lets not let is stay.


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