107 – Mexico Ride

Mexican Patrol and Layton Discuss riding Boulevards



Mexican Patrol and Layton Discuss riding Boulevards


We arrived in Mexico and took a bus from the airport to the hotel.  There was about thirty couples in the group and several of the guys were bikers so I began taking names of who wanted to ride down the coast if I could find us bikes and several indicated they would.

The next morning after I found the bikes most came up with good excuses for not going, like I hear there is a good sale on trinkets over at the market and I don’t want to miss it.  Some of the honest ones said their wives did not want them to go and a few out spoken wives loudly said that their husbands were not allowed to go.  Real bikers.

The organizer of the trip approached me and suggested I forget the idea as he did not want to see anyone injured in Mexico but one lone rider approached me and suggested the two of go anyway.

The day was perfect, the bikes were good, the ride was exceptional the drivers friendly, but when we returned we were sad to hear that one of the loudest wives had slipped at the buffet table and broke her ankle!  : (

Sweet justice it was a great day!

Dave rents bikes in Cancun

Is there a prettier site?

Her Husband wanted her photo with us?



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