7-7 Reasons to Blog

I was reminded today these 7 reasons to blog.  Maybe that will motivate me to get going again.  What excuses are you using not to influence or make someone else smile?

1. Influence the world – successful bloggers get noticed and become trusted advisors, being able to influence decisions made by others

2. Raise your game – blogging forces you to continually expand yourself and gain more knowledge in your area, because you constantly need fresh content to engage your audience with

3. Help others – no, it’s not a cliché! Blogging is a simple way to improve the lives of others and a great way to give back to your community through helpful and practical content

4. Networking – other experts in your industry are always looking for potential partners to work with…and your blog is a great way to get noticed and attract the ‘A’ players in your field

5. Discover more – simply listening to your audience helps you gain so much insight into your own business and how you can help people with their daily problems

6. Engage to sell – engaging with your audience and understanding what their problems are means you can create products based on what they need and what they want. This means helping them while also making money!

7. Become an author – ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know how? Blogging is perfect for you to talk about topics which are important and once you’ve built a good audience, you can simply put your content together into a book and sell it!

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