8-2 On the beach

So life here is hard.  I just finished a lobster for lunch with all the trimmings plus 4 margaritas… ran the bill up to almost $35 with tip, Canadian so I thought why not go all the way and had another foot massage by Abraham again, He does an amazing job a half hour for $18.  Boy do my feet feel good.  Now I am chitlin with some more Margate’s then back to the Pages in the sun.

Pages in the Sun is my coffee shop. The best coffee house bar none, in all of Puerto Vallarta is just across the bridge into the romantic district.  Out front under a roof providing shade are several tables for the shop and the bar next door.  Most are occupied with wintering Canadians like Frosty and Teddy from Victoria.

I prefer the coffee shop for several reasons, first being the coffees and food which are great.  The severs are all friends and personable and often I have a couple of beers, a cookie and lunch while I work on my book, running my tab as high as $10 Canadian.

The real reason I love the place is they have a large table that will seat six, with six reclining silaving  office chairs making working for four to six hours quite easy.

I think I will write something very inspiring there if I can stay awake.  Happy Monday to those that aren’t offended that I didn’t say the 11th day of Christmas.




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