Help me wake Hotels Up!

I hear that most large corporations have programs that scan the net to see who is saying what about them. I need help in spreading this to see if they actually do.  I mean this is as big as building a wall around the US and everyone is ignoring it.  So Hilton, Marriott, Westin, Delta, Holiday Inn and Super 8 pay attention!

The population is getting older and as a leading edge Boomer I can tell if a quarter is heads or tails from half a mile away but I can’t read anything less than an 18 font.  I especially can’t read beige print on a white bottle when my eyes are full of water, like when I am in the shower. So why do hotels shampoo suppliers print the three little bottles in the bathroom, in 2 point font?  It’s not just the printing but when Shampoo,shampoo-commercial Conditioner and Body Wash is written on the bottle, they surround it in French and descriptors such as mint, energizing, forest glade, herbs, plus the name of most every flower making it damn hard to see which bottle I have. Are we naming a garden or a product for my hair?

I end up starting with conditioner, then the shampoo and finishing off with body wash.  My hair doesn’t swoop when I move my head like my stand in model in the photo, or shine in the sun, except for the parts that no longer have hair. I am getting mad as hell!
I thought about using a seeing eye dog, but I’m sure you saw the picture I took of my dog backed up to a post that held a sign showing a dog pooping with the international circle and slash through it.  You guessed it-my dog can’t read and chose that signpost to poop on so I doubt he would be any help in the shower.  The wife says there is not enough room for her to come in and help me. Truth is she can’t see the small print either. I just threw that image in to freak out the kids.  “WHAT!  You and mom in the shower at the same time, NO! I don’t want to imagine that!”  It’s little fillers like this that keeps them from reading and commenting on my blogs.

So getting back to the matter at hand, can you help me flood the net with this problem so someone looks at it seriously and does something about it?  Having water in all the Boomers’ eyes is a bigger deal than someone exposing only their eyes because of her niqab, yet she is getting all the press. No one seems to care about us.  Maybe this needs to be a political issue.  Where do you think our three leaders would stand on this issue?

I’m sure young Trudeau doesn’t care because he is young enough to see and has a tag along hair stylist, Mulcair obviously doesn’t care and does not have much hair anyway.  Harper had his hair cemented in place before he called the election and an assistant reads the small print to him, so he doesn’t care either.

Once again us Boomers are left to figure things out on our own unless the hotel industry reads this and steps up to the plate so please Like and Repost it so we get this issue the attention it deserves.

2 thoughts on “Help me wake Hotels Up!

  1. Mr Park
    Re: Help me wake Hotels Up! Oct 9th, 2015
    If I could make this font bigger – I would! You hit the mark!! Great to hear from you!!
    Your writing is superb!! Keep it up!!
    Let’s get together soon!!
    Gary & Maureen


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