Hey! My eyes are up here!

profileSo we were out with a couple the other night for a first time dinner when she leaned over and said, “You have; “Sexy (Expletive) Lips!”

I was taken back, no one has ever given me a compliment like that.  I was confused did she mean the depletive to be an additive or a verb? Then I thought what is wrong with the rest of me, am I just a life support system for my lips?  I mean I know I am twice what most men are, if only in weight, but I must have other redeeming qualities.  Seriously it has become a problem as I now find myself constantly licking them and feeling I should be using lip balm or some sort of chap stick so they stay young looking and in good shape. But it has given me a new awareness of sensitivity towards women.  I now know how they feel when they are objectified.

I find myself watching women’s eyes more closely as i wait to say, “He!  My eyes are up here!”

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