The Toilet Paper Crisis

The Toilet Paper Crisis

When I was growing up, many families on our block did not have indoor plumbing but counted on an old fashioned out-house at the back of the lot for relief. It was a quiet safe place, except for Halloween and gate night.

In my last humor book, I went to some length explaining that there was no toilet paper in most of the outhouses but rather old Sears and Eaton’s catalogs. These were the staples until both companies went out of business and only Canadian Tire was left providing high gloss flyes, which were not a good replacement.  I went on to explain that my short humor story books had been referred to as good bathroom readers, not just for entertainment but to provide extra quality paper.

We are all spoiled now requiring three-ply, ultra-soft, quilted, snow-white paper to wrap up our business. Where has this brought us? To line-ups at Costco waiting for new shipments of Toilet paper because of the shortage caused by people panicking that they may run out.

The good news is, I have lots of books still for sale.

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