Hey! My eyes are up here!

profileSo we were out with a couple the other night for a first time dinner when she leaned over and said, “You have; “Sexy (Expletive) Lips!”

I was taken back, no one has ever given me a compliment like that.  I was confused did she mean the depletive to be an additive or a verb? Then I thought what is wrong with the rest of me, am I just a life support system for my lips?  I mean I know I am twice what most men are, if only in weight, but I must have other redeeming qualities.  Seriously it has become a problem as I now find myself constantly licking them and feeling I should be using lip balm or some sort of chap stick so they stay young looking and in good shape. But it has given me a new awareness of sensitivity towards women.  I now know how they feel when they are objectified.

I find myself watching women’s eyes more closely as i wait to say, “He!  My eyes are up here!”

Time to press “Ctrl Alt Delete”

Unless a massive meteorite comes out of nowhere today most of us will survive another year but will we simply carry on from last year or truly begin something new?

layton prospecting Like most people I always think I will start anew but somehow slip back into the same old habits, goals, thinking, etc. that seem so comfortable. Sometimes I last up to several days but usually it doesn’t really take that long. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just press Ctrl, Alt, Delete wipe out the old and start over with a clean slate?

But alas, I do like to live in my own little world because I everyone knows me there and expanding or growing involves letting others get to know me and that can be scary, right? By sending out these blogs I expose a little more of who I am and sometimes I get negative responses that tend to make me want to shrink back.

Last night I saw the movie, “The Theory of Everything” the incredible story of the world famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and the obstacles he overcame. One of the most inspiring movies I have seen in some time and I highly recommend it. At the end of the movie he quotes from Jules Vern’s novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth, “While there is life there is hope.” This gave me some thought to my future.

So let me state to all those in my little world what I plan to do this year so you can hold me accountable and I challenge you to do the same, even here in the comments section if you like.

  1. I plan to finalize the two books that have been with my publisher for almost two years waiting my final edition and approval.
  2. I plan to put out a more inspiring and regular blog on moving forward in order to expand and expose the brands of our businesses.
  3. I plan to begin taking on business coaching and consulting work again, because I learn so much myself from my clients.
  4. I plan to give Face Book less time and quit arguing with idiots. Apparently people watching sometimes have trouble tell the difference between us.
  5. And finally just be a kinder gentler soul, willing to have coffee with anyone who has time.

In closing I just want to point out that the one thing I have observed over the years is that most nudists are people you don’t really want to see naked, yet naked they are. Expand that to the rest of the world and you will find there are a lot of successfully people in all walks of life that are successful even though you may wonder how or why. The bottom line is they are not afraid to expose themselves, warts and all and expand their little world. They put their selves out there, ignore the negative people and move onward and up ward.

My New Year Wish for you is to do the same. Reset your inner computer and achieve all you dream of.

Thanks you.

It is time my Muslim friends to step up!

Last stand

Nathan Cirillo just minutes before being gunned down in Ottawa.

We don’t need yet another blog about the Muslim problem in the world today but I just had to get this off my mind.

I recently had a debate on my door step with a Christian telling me how much better this world would be if we just all belonged to their faith.

Sorry, but some of us choose not to follow the ancient beliefs of wandering middle east tribesmen in light of what we now know to be the truth, thanks to modern science. It is time we took religion out of all our politics and quit killing people over who’s God loves who more.

I have a couple of really good Muslim friends who were born and raised in this country one over 80 years ago.  These are quiet, loving and gentle Canadians, who I trust completely.  One told me once, the men who piloted the planes into the twin towers were no more Muslim, than the men who dropped the bombs on Hiroshima, were Christian.  He said this is true because you cannot be a believer in either religion and still engage in violence and murder.

Opponents claim you only have to read the Koran to see that is not true, however do not apply that rule to the Christian Bible, which by the way share many of the same old testament books which also call for the stoning and killing of family and friends for blasphemy.  Of course even the most devote  Christians now ignore those “words from God” but believe that Muslim do not, and they all have a secret adjenda.

I completely trust the Muslims I know and I defend them when I hear racist comments but those comments are becoming more common so it is time for the Muslims to step up and speak out as well.  Many Muslims remain quiet because the know that Isis kills thousands of Muslims in order to maintain their power and they do not want to risk their family and friends or they do not wish to bring attention to themselves and their beliefs but my friends, your silence is being mistaken as condoning the actions of these terrorists.

I urge my friends and all good Muslims, and there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of them in Canada, to put your fears aside and step up and be counted.  It is time to denounce publicly the actions of these radicals.  Today we lost a good, unarmed man to a madman who will be simply be labeled Muslim. Don’t let this turn into more hate directed at your faith, speak up and say you too condemn this action.

Encourage, no insist, that your faith leaders speak out.  Insist that terrorist and terrorist recruiting pockets that exist in your community are rooted out.  Stand with other non-violent Canadians  to let people know your fathers and forefathers came here for the same reason ours did.  We all want a safe place to live with great opportunities for our children but we cannot do this alone, we need your help.

If you love this country, as I know most you do, then help us get rid of the cancer that will consume us all if we allow it to continue to grow.  This is not about faith, about being Christian or Muslim or about what you choose to believe, it is about doing what is right.

The war came home today, lets not let is stay.


Route 66

Hi friends, I began this project to get back to blogging, perhaps writing humour shorts again for a magazine from yet a new adventure. I thought I could put this material with many of the stories about other trips I have taken and finish off a travel book.  Park on the Road, would be an appropriate name. I really had not taken a big adventure since my accident and I certainly had not written anything worthwhile so I thought perhaps it was time to get back on that horse.  What I learned is when  your horse dies… dismount and move on, by foot if necessary.

I discovered something I am sure most of you already know and that is what you find on an adventure has little to do with discovering new things about the places you go, the people you meet or the things you see but rather what you discover about  yourself.

What I discovered in the end is that this will be my last adventure and probably my last series of blogs.  As we travel through them I am sure  you will agree what I learned was of value and it is time to put this horse down.

For me this is a sad realization because I have not seen what is behind the other doors yet, but I am sure something exciting is waiting me.  Let me know if you enjoy any of the stories.

Thanks,  Layton

Wainwright – AB:


A friend who doesn’t want to be made famous in my blog, so I will refer to him as the Orange Runner, as in Rum Runner (someone who runs across international boarders with contraband, to be explained in a later chapter) and I packed up the old motorhome and headed out from Edmonton.

The goal was to reach a ¼ Ton and LA by the end of October. That means adding 9,500 kilometers (6,000 miles) to the RV and losing 60 lbs. between us. The later seemed a pretty tall order so we changed it to ¼ tonne which means we only have to lose 10 lbs. between us a much more realistic goal.

We got away late in the afternoon so we only traveled about 200 km to Wainwright where my old friend Morley told us to stop by and he would throw a bar-b-q for us. Maybe the thought of losing any weight is unrealistic. As we pulled into Wainwright he called to say he was riding his Harley from Lloydminster so would we mind picking up the stake and meet him at his beautiful hide-a-way. Unsure of what he might have to go with it we picked up potatoes, sour cream, corn on the cob and some beer. We arrived at his beautiful log home and started preparing supper when another old friend Terry Sharpe showed up with a 114 foot long motorhome and slide outs that added five more rooms to his unit. He was soon followed by Morley riding in on his bug coated bright yellow Harley.

As Morley dismounted the bar-b-q ran out of propane and he said he would go get some however Terry had an extra tank in his motorhome and we continued with the potatoes and corn. Morley mixed up an incredible rub for the stakes and the meal got underway. Of course Terry had to go back to his motorhome and get some butter for the corn but Morley did have the salt and pepper so we were happy he had invited us.

Of course this is not typical of Morley’s hospitality I just enjoy pointing this out as his hospitality is usually as perfect, as the meal turned out in the end.

Morley’s sheds and garages provide home to an awesome collection of vehicles. The new shed included a: 1958 Apache truck, two 50 mercury’s, one a great hot rod, a 49 Mercury convertible, a 1932 International truck, A 1949 Hudson Wasp, A 38 Hudson rat rod, a1954 Buick, a 50 Ford one ton, and more, but I just didn’t remember them all.

The older shop had a 1928 Indian with a 1939 engine, a Indian bike and side car, and seven Harleys, one of each engine design… sorry photos did not turn out.

Morley’s Barns turned out be as good as a museum as one might find in most towns and more importantly is that each vehicle comes with it’s own unique story.

Day one was ;short but complete and we had a good nights rest and were ready to begin the journey.

There will be many more stories to this adventure… stay tuned.

I Plan to Live Forever… So Far, So Good!

ImageI was talking to my youngest son pictured here from my new book that has yet to be finished, “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid”, about life, old age and my death as well as the fact that day is ever drawing closer.

We talked about those precious few minutes on the desert when I hovered between life and death five years ago this month. I remember seeing the light but no one came for me so I returned here for now.  It affected my out look on the subject and I no longer fear death, but I have no intention on signing up for any military missions in the near future either. That of course is a mistake we all make, if only the old guys could sign up there would be a lot fewer battles to fight, but that is a topic for another day.

My son got really teary and started to tell me some very nice things that many sons may think but seldom tell their father.  In fact most of us save the nice comments for the funeral and never speak of them to our family or friends.  I don’t want to sound morbid but it got me thinking about death and the fact it is coming to all of us, so I thought I would look up what some of the famous have thought about death and share some of their thoughts with you as well as my own.

The great comic George Carlin may have put it simplest and best when he said, “Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time.”  It is going to happen, for some of us after swallowing less than others, so why not split it out (pun intended) and talk to each other about the topic.

We have all heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Then the witty American philosopher, Will Rogers added to it saying, “The difference is that death doesn’t get any worse every time Congress meets.  He could have a point, one of the things I look forward to each day is reading how much stupider our governments can become.  I quit worrying or stressing about the things they do and have learned it is just a big show that we all paid the price for so why not sit back and enjoy it. One thing about this world is none of us are getting out alive.

What is death? “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” according to Benjamin Franklin.  Life is so precious every minute should be experienced, enjoyed and savoured. There are so many things worse than death, such as spending a warm summer evening taking in a multi-level marking lecture on how to get rich quickly by just signing up two friends, who sign two friends and so on.  I tried that a couple of times and was ready to kill myself before long, until I learned there is a far easier way to make a lot of money without pissing off everyone you know.

If you do piss off and lose all your friends then you will then experience a long and lingering death known as loneliness. In fact I see this as the next great plague of the future as I have never been lonelier than being surrounded in a city full of distracted strangers, yet each day we all retreat a little further into our own world thinking everything is great because we have 900 friends on Facebook, texting them from our phones even as they sit a few get away, and yet we have no one to sit with and just enjoy a coffee.  I cannot imagine anything lonelier than having lived a long life with a friend, partner, spouse, only to have them die first. If they pass physically first there is still hope for new adventure with a new partner but if they die metaphorically you may be enchained for years to someone who died young but is not yet ready to bury. Norman Cousins may have summed it up when he said, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

Albert Einstein phrased it as, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”   I know I am not ready for death quite yet as I am still learning and have so much more to learn.

While my wife Myrna was going under sedation for the operation last week to remove her kidney she looked up at the doctors and said, “You know when you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. Your family knows you are dead, the doctors know you are dead, everyone knows you are dead except you.  You don’t know you are dead.”  They stood around the operating table looking down at her not sure why she was telling them that then she added, “It is the same way with stupid.”  They all laughed and performed an outstanding operation because as old as they were they never stop learning, they know they are vibrant and alive.  Could you imagine a room full of old surgeons who graduated in the early 70’s but did not learned a thing since, doing the operation?  We are to learn and celebrate every day.  I now believe that if you truly live each day you will live without fear and be fully prepared to die at anytime.

I saw the title of this blog, “I plan to live forever…” painted on the side of a barn in the middle of Stubbleville, USA and it struck me, then today I came across a quote by Groucho Marx, who said, “I intend to live forever, or die trying. So it hit me that dying would be a good topic, after I saw how it upset my son.  You see he is 22 and has another 65 years or so ahead of him.  He has so much to see, do and learn so the thought of death is scary.

I, on the other hand, have only a few years left but have accomplished almost every goal I set, which is sad I know however I digress.  I have had a lot of fun.  I found a true friend, partner and spouse, helped create a great family, traveled the world, owned and flew my own airplanes, painted and sold images of the north, played my guitar, flew my airplanes and rode my motorcycles all over North America.  I have had the opportunity to write articles and books, and most important of all won the Soap Box Derby down main street in Rocky Mountain House fifty years ago. : )

I am sure that few of these things may be on your list or are things that you even want on your list but they were goals I set young and accomplished.  I am happy with life and the thought of it ending no longer scares me.

However before I buy the farm, bite the big one, assume room temperature, cash in my chips, croak, go over the ridge, bite the dust, head for the last round-up, kick the bucket, meet my maker, turn up my toes or board the last train to glory, there are a few last things I would like to do but to find out what they are you will have to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss it.

The final word goes to that great British Philosopher Mr. Keith Richards who summed up my thoughts exactly.

Keith Richards