Day 20 Leaving on a Jet Plane

Mom, that is.  It is really looking like we (or at least he) will be coming home to Kelowna General Hospital by the end of this week.  Limited flights were available on Wednesday and Thursday so it makes the most sense for Mom to head out Tuesday, with all of Layton’s gear.  I will be on my own for the next couple of days and may seriously have to break him of the snapping the finger thing, whereby I jump to his every whim, and he just lays back and smiles.  There are some serious brownie points happening now and they are not the kind men earn…these brownie points have no expiry date!

Breathing update:  (Layman’s version)  Layton is on a ventilator and it has been providing him with the support he needs to breathe-doing most of the work for him.  On Saturday they put him on CPAP whereby he initiates the breaths and the machine supports him.  He lasted half an hour.  Sunday, he lasted one hour.  Today, he was on it for SEVEN HOURS.  He is pretty played out right now but his progress, in my eyes, is exponential!  He sat up twice today and walked as far as his tubes would let him, five steps back and forth.  We are all impressed!

I simply must backtrack to Sunday.  Layton had visitors.  Ingeborg from Circle’s Edge Spiritual Center stopped by when she dropped Mom and I off.  While Mom and I had lunch, more Star Riders showed up.  Russ and Debbie who went to Ely to pick up Layton’s gear came by to relay the condition of his bike and generally talk bike-talk.  Jeff and Jennifer Keddington were with them so the stories were flying back and forth with Layton writing furiously as they compared notes about the bikes they have and had.  Lots of laughter and good energy.  Shortly after, Tom Chamberlain and Mike Varela (Uncle Mikey) stopped by and told tales of their bike trip to Banff and Jasper last year. Mikey is 75 years old and last September had pretty well the same injuries as Layton. He has been to the

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