Rev. Dick Weston RIP – October 29, 2012

Six or seven years ago I got a phone call at my office from a man who identified himself as Dick Weston.

Dick said he had just read my book “Get Out of Your Way” and wanted to come to the office and discuss it with me. Durning the conversation he asked how long I had been a student of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, to which I responded I had never heard of him. Dick said my book was so much like Quimby’s teaching that he assumed I was a student of his. When I replied that my book had been out a long time he said, “I doubt that, he died in 1866”  We discussed Phineas further and I discovered he was a fountain of information on Quimby.  I also discovered Phineaus shortened his middle name was better known as Dr. Park.  Which is also my name.

From that first meeting we became friends and with his help I wrote a book which I hoped to have out already as it is dedicated to Dick.  I only wish I could have put a finished copy in his hand as he contributed so much to it.

Now Dick is with Phineas but will remain in my mind forever.

Thanks Dick for introducing me to Phineas as well as all the people at the Centre for Spiritual Living.