Toast from a Buda Beer!

ImageA lot of news this past week.  Friday marked 70 years since D day overshadowing the 5th anniversary of my death and rebirth in Nevada and the day Myrna finally got approval to donate her kidney and headed for Edmonton.

If you have been following the blogs here you can appreciate the stress she has been under.  I will be flying to Edmonton to join her for the operation day then remaining until the weekend before returning.  Myrna will have to stay for 4 to 8 weeks for followup depending on how well she recovers.  It has been interesting following this chain of events, which are not normally so complex during donations.  Despite the inconvenience, having two extra surgeries, the added cost and terrible disappointment both Myrna and Wayne handled the challenges with grace.  If I had been Wayne I think I would have lost it some time ago but even when Myrna was nervous to call him to say the operation had been once again delayed he quietly said that was alright and he displayed more patience than I could muster.

If I had been Myrna I’m not sure I could have gone through the extra operations and all the stress that accompanied it.  Her comment was simply she thought it an honour to be able to come to his assistance and she never wavered in her dedication to the cause.  In fact I believe that she would have volunteered to donate had anyone else asked her.

The reaction by other people has also been interesting.  Her one sister has a number of ongoing medical problems of her own from a car accident years ago but last week she called Myrna to ask how she could step up and donate her so she didn’t have to continue going through this ordeal.  Myrna assured her that she was going to be able to do it but thanked her for her consideration especial given the things she is battling.

At the same time other healthy friends have given her all sorts of excuses as reason to skip out.  They have told her numerous reasons they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it including; they didn’t like the health care system, they don’t like her brother or would feel he would not take care of it, they don’t like his bad habits, they don’t like that her brother is not right with Jesus, it is too close to Friday the 13th, and so on.

I feel privileged to have gone through this with Myrna she has taught me a great deal and I hope that one day I can rise to the challenge should I need to.

So on Wednesday, June 11th keep both Myrna and Wayne in your thoughts and I will blog with a note as to the success I know they will have.