Birthday Expert Speaks Out!

I had a couple of weeks driving across the US saw Mt. Rushmore from both sides and in fact Myrna did most the driving, so there is no excuse for my not having a birthday blog ready except I don’t!  So here is a quick note to thank all those who have wished me the best today.


I am now calling my self a birthday expert as I have had more than most people I know and those with more don’t want to admit it so here I am!  The leading expert!


I was just informed that it is not because those with more birthdays don’t want to admit it but that they have entered the same years we begin life with… when it is our birthday but we really don’t know it.  I am so grateful to still have my health and mind and I am so grateful to still have my health and mind.


As we came across the country we stopped at every antique store and bought a pile of things for the house including a hundred year old railway luggage cart with steel wheels for our rec room. It was at an antique auction that I realized I had become old when I stood up to stretch and three people bid on me.  Fortunately for some reason Myrna was still the high bidder.


It was great to get all the messages and cards however.  When I was young we didn’t exchange cards because the stamps kept falling off the rocks so I am so thankful now to Facebook where I get messages from people I am not sure I have ever met but love it anyway.


I want to leave you with a few quick facts about birthdays.  Since your last one your hair most likely has grown 12 cm. That is for those friends who still have hair.


In one year the average heart will have beat about 42,075,900 times, mine beat about double that because I get so excited every time I get together with an old friend so thanks.


Facts say in the last year we should have had 1,460 dreams, while I had the same dream 1,460 times.


The last and most important fact you should know is the Aztecs are believed to have been among the first to offer birthday balloons.  They blew air into the bowels of sacrificed cats and twisted them into animal shapes them presented them to the gods as a sacrifice.  So if you will … to honour my birthday to day… either sacrifice a cat or at least blow into the bowels of one!


Thanks for all your wishes.Image

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