Day 12 On the Right “Trach” (updated)

Whew-whew! As of a couple of hours ago, we are able to see all of Layton’s beautiful, gentle face without tubes! OK-still a tube in his nose for the next couple of hours but his mouth and throat are free and he actually looks relaxed and peaceful. I, on the other hand, am practically giddy, seeing him look so good!

When they did the trach, they put “cameras” into his lungs so they could see what they looked like. They look good! His bed is set at 40 degrees right now, so apparently, that is a good angle for easy breathing, but not hard on the butt. The doctor just dropped by and he is happy too. I like happy doctors!!

So, while I sit here, Amanda is weeding my yard (Lauralee did some yesterday), Diane is teaching Carson’s girlfriend, Priscila, how to do some basic bookkeeping, and I think Liam and Carson are eating the massive cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies Jan and Bob from the bike club dropped over. Carson was concerned, “I am in this contest to lose the greatest % body fat in the family and they bring this stuff! And Liam is not here right now so I need to eat it alone!” Bummer-he has shared the treasures with good buddy, Riley, and now with Liam, but he eats it when Priscila is napping so he does not have to share with her!:)  Liam was thinking that Layton will win the contest, but apparently when this sort of thing happens, you lose muscle, not body fat.  He was hoping that Layton’s screws and plates would weigh a lot, but I don’t think they do.  I guess who wins the contest is anyone’s guess right now!

Just before I left for Phoenix where we were to spend a week, I did a couple of facilitation sessions for some boards of directors. The neatest thing that came out of that is how when people recognized their strengths and when they brought their strengths to the organization, it was easy for them to contribute in a meaningful way and the organization got maximum benefit from their talents. They were on the “right track.” So too with the people that have been supporting us, they are supporting us in ways they know how and bring maximum value…from the medical staff to Queen Gardener Amanda and of course the powerful prayers from around North America…and Ireland, too, thanks to John and Imelda!

So, today, that is the question, “What is your ‘right track’?” What is mine? Layton’s favourite answer when people respond with “I don’t know” is “If you did know, what would it be?” We all know, we just need to listen. With so much quiet time on my hands right now, I am really going to listen. I hope, if you don’t know already, you figure out your track soon. And when you so, start to share it and if you would like, tell us on the blog or send an email. It would be pretty cool if a few people awakened to their true selves through this experience.

More after the next surgery…thank you, thank you, thank you!

UPDATE-I guess I was not clear about the “next” surgery.  Layton had a GI which means he has a tube in his stomach for nourishment.  It may be some time before he can eat or drink as they don’t want anything making a wrong turn and ending up in his lungs.  Apparently, there are all kinds of “foods” like this and this one is special for trauma patients, with lots of protein.  Leslie, who has been our night nurse for a few days now, says she has tasted it and although it looks like a rich-coloured, albeit thin, vanilla pudding, she would not recommend it through the mouth!

Layton was pretty well out of it all day Wednesday, what with all this activity.  As of now, he is the “longest stay” person in this pod of the ICU.  So, we think long stays have their privileges.  Find out what that is in the next blog!

25 thoughts on “Day 12 On the Right “Trach” (updated)

  1. Did you get to keep any souvenir photos of the trip through his lungs?

    I’m glad he is tubeless again. Hopefully his “arctic” lung will start to fillout to be North American sized again soon. It would be good to have him well enough to go home.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on his progress!!


  2. I so appreciated that session that you did with us. It was so enlightening to see why I struggle with the Accounting work I have been doing. I knew that it wasn’t a fit for me, but it was interesting to see why. I am so excited as I start on my new path of Transpersonal Psychology – although I must admit that it is getting harder and harder to carry on with my current work (and right now it is paying the bills).

    It was fun to spend the morning in your garden. I think I might have freaked out your kids a little though ;-). After all the work Laura-lee did yesterday, it was easy to just pick up where she left off. It looks great! I’ll stop by every so often when I am in the area and pull a few weeds. I think Laura-lee is going to look after some of the watering seeing as she is closer.

    Hugs to both of you. Take Care. I am glad to hear that Layton is looking relaxed and that the doctor is happy.


  3. Dear Mryna and Layton.

    My right track is being of SERVICE no question. It was an honor to spent the day in your yard. I like seeing instant results and gardening truly supports my instant gratification needs.

    To support myself on staying on track, I need to keep myself on track by nurturing me. Today I had a great massage.

    The work shop you did for us was of such huge value. I am letting go of my save the world tendencies and replacing that with a consciousness of sevice from a cup that is full.

    I am knowing that this next phase for Layton will bring healing and a closer step to home. You can tell Layton that I massage Butts too.

    Love you lots.



  4. Hey Myrna,

    So thrilled to hear that Layton has pushed through once again. We can’t wait to see both of your smiling faces back home sooner, rather than later.

    It’s great to know that you have so much support down there and back here in Kelowna too. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to lend a hand. (For example, Bill is always available to eat any excess baking that may be dropped off to Carson and Liam… just an offer, you know… in case they need any assistance!) Seriously though, we are always here to help you and Layton. Just give us the word.

    Looking forward to your next update. Thinking of you both,

    Karen and Bill


  5. Great news and excellent message! I like the question…What is your Right Track? Like you, I am always trying to find clarity around that. Good news… I am off and running and am about to do my second training event since all this has happened. My track seems to be a little more clear all the time but I will keep on seeking clarity. In the meantime I look forward to helping where you and Layton need me to. I have been by the office once and water plants but that was a week ago. I will go next week and see about starting the spring/summer cleaning. See you soon!


  6. Great to hear you are recovering quickly but sorry to hear of your crash! Remember they make new motorcycles every day but there is only 1 Layton!!
    Get well, we need need you back in Grande Prairie soon.
    Life at 40* might not be that bad!!

    Good luck, Darcy


  7. Myrna & Layton, We were so pleased to hear the good news today – hope great things continue to happen.


  8. I love you Myrna Park. So happy that Layton has you but more selfishly that we ALL have you:)…nice work Layton -I can’t wait to start reading your stories again


  9. Keep up the good progress big brother, you are on the right track! Now Myrna, while your mom is there I hope you will take some time for you, just get out of the hospital, go for a walk or go to a mall and just put your feet up sometime and relax, you need it!
    Thanks again for all the updates and for being there with Layton
    Love Darline & Rueben


  10. I am glad to hear that Layton’s making progress, we in GP think of him and you all the time, in our hearts and prayers. Layton we all love ya. Can’t wait to go riding with you again.


  11. You two are pretty amazing. Have been following your “middle” and have to say, you are one strong lady, Myrna! Here you are advising the rest of us to wake up and smell the real world, to take something home from the stress and pain of your experience, when you have so much on your own plate at the moment. Thank you so much for this blog, have been following progress daily.
    It sounds like you have great support for the boys in Kelowna – awesome! We are thinking of you, pulling for you both. The back road scholar blurbs make me belly laugh! Layton won’t be belly-laughing for awhile without some hurting, we can’t wait for that day! Take care of yourself, and of Layton. We’ll stay in touch, Love you both, Darla and Bill


  12. It is wonderful to hear such good news and read such a positive and up lifting message.
    I am grateful that you have such a wonderful circle of friends and family!

    My right track is all about being of service to others. I enjoy and thrive on helping others and I benefit from being in service everyday as I learn soooo much.

    I am heading out the the Support our Troops event in New Norway – Layton have a happy Father’s Day – you sure are loved by many buddy!

    Living in gratitude and possibility,
    Belt Drive Betty


  13. Myrna & Layton … so glad to hear that the tubes are out again.
    I read your “On The Road to Recovery” column every day and was glad to hear that Layton is resting peacefully and that you have your Mom there for support. You’re in our thoughts and prayers daily and we hope that you’ll get to come home soon.

    Sending hugs from Kelowna …

    Brenda, Louis & Sam


  14. Yay, Layton

    We are all ecstatic that you are again ‘out of the woods’. Give all those hospital staff ‘atta boy’s from all of us…they are the unsung heros all too often. We’ve heard of horror stories from people at some hospitals down there…it’s nice to hear of others where the hospital staff do what’s required and even go the extra mile.

    We’re all thinking of you.

    Bye for now.

    Robin “Kicker”


    • Thanks so much for your support and comments. I wish I could have been riding with you two. I am getting stronger and will soon be back to normal but I am sure it will be late fall before I am back to GP.


  15. Hello Myrna and Layton, good to hear that you are on the road to recovery Layton. We have been praying for you and know that you will be blessed through all of this. Good to hear that everything on the home front is being looked after as well. Takes a lot of stress off your plate.

    Mike & Marie Beck


  16. Hello Layton, Myrna and Rita,
    Wow! We are so relieved to hear of Layton’s progress. Mom is also feeling much better knowing her baby boy is on the road to recovery. We would love to be able to thank the hospital staff in person, but we will have to rely on you to pass along our gratitude. Also, a BIG Thank You to Star Riders. What an amazing bunch of people! We so appreciate the support they have given you. It is times like these that make you realize how many wonderful people there are and what a difference good friends and family make in your life.
    We can’t wait to have a “Layton is better bar-b-que, so get home quick Layton!
    Take Care and hope to see you soon.
    Lori, Brian, Howie and Jake


  17. What an inspiration you are Myrna! Just reading your blog make us realize what a truly amazing woman you are. Through all this you have been able to impart in all of us what is really important in our lives. Layton, so good to hear you’re getting better, sounds like you can’t talk very much yet, but I’m so sure you’re thinking a lot too… for your next stories. It’s great to hear about the good care you are getting. Please take care & get well soon, from all our family,
    Dennis & Tina


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