Day 10 The Great Equalizer

A hundred years ago or so, when Layton and I first got together, one of our laments (maybe more me than him) was that we did not have shared memories. We couldn’t say “Remember last Christmas when we….”, “Wasn’t that a great dinner for your birthday?”, “Remember the last time you tried to iron…?”

Well, now we have buckets full of memories and tons of laughter over the years. When Ed was here, we reminisced about the time Ed, Layton and I were skiing at Silver Star with Kathy, Shauna, Vince, Keith, and Rod. Some crazy young guy went flying down the hill, clipping Layton’s skis, but fortunately missing all the kids.  The way Ed describes it, Layton reached his looooong arms doooooowwwn the mountain, grabbed the guy by his jacket zipper and firmly expressed his opinion.  “Don’t you ever (POP!) do that again (POP!).  You could have (POP!) killed one of those kids (POP!).”  Enough said.  Half an hour later, we are standing in the crowded lines waiting for the lift when we notice that there is no one behind us.  We look back and see that the four-times “popped” young man had inadvertently skiied in behind us and he was keeping his distance!  Ah, memories…

So, back to the matter at hand.  The great equalizer.  I have decided that it is time.  Today has been slow beyond slow.  Layton is more alert than I would like him to be, given the discomfort he is in.  The combination of pain, drugs, and a lack of good sleep has made him quite concerned about everything.  I have given him two foot massages (his feet will be like a baby’s when he gets home!).  He told me he thought they had “bad decor” here (think of pale peach and aquamarine from the early 90’s) so I decorated the blind with the batch of cards we got today, including a card and a pile of straws from our friends and neighbours, Dean and Lauralee.  Lauralee, I think he likes your massages better so that can be a treat for him when we get home!  Thanks, Kathy and Trevor, mom Dorothy, sis Lori, Brian and boys, Rev Donald from Tucson and Lights America family!

“Time flies when you are having fun!” as the saying goes.  But it sure doesn’t from either side of a hospital bed.  So as I think of our big memory bank, I think of this time together as a “blip on the radar screen of life”.  Next year this time, this will be a distant memory.  Right now, I am just projecting the time line to when the tubes come out and pneumonia is in the past.  But with all the laughter, fun and adventure Layton has provided in all our lives, this moment of his voice being quieted will pass, giving us a richer appreciation for the time we do have together, enjoying his unique perspective and his wonderful way with a story, when time truly does fly.

19 thoughts on “Day 10 The Great Equalizer

  1. Hi Myrna & Layton

    We are keeping you and your family in our thoughts. I love reading your blog updates! A time like this really makes you look back on your life and treasure every minute you spend together, even where you are now. I am sure Layton (even with a ventilator) makes everyday interesting for the nurses/doctors there. It is not everyday that they have a patient and family with such an amazing outlook on life and the humor in the situation(which Layton will share later I am sure! I can’t wait for the next reunion!)

    Take care of each other! I sure hope you can get home soon…or at least closer to your family!

    Love Nikki & family


    • Thanks so much for your support and comments. I am finally able to answer all the messages and I am so grateful for those of you who took the time to write. If you get out this way please call us. I will soon be writing stories again and have lots of material.


  2. Hi Myrna and Layton,

    This journey you are on brings back a lot of reminders to me of all the ‘travels’ we went through with Wayne’s Wenatchee Motorcycle Adventure of 1995.

    For you, this is the time the universe makes it abundantly clear who/what is truly in charge and you learn about the power of now and truly living in the moment. Everything happens in its own time and space.

    So much healing is happening with Layton that you won’t see it right now. So much clarity and “repositioning” of things, people and places in your life are also taking place. Everything will unveil itself when it is the right time and space. For now, know that tons of people are sending your harmonious thoughts and good wishes for strength, recovery, healthing and health. And the universe, well it is handling the rest.

    All the best,


  3. Hi Myrna
    You missed the part where after popping the guy and Layton came back over to us, looked at me and said “Oh I thought that was you”
    Hi Buddy
    Hurry up and get better so we can go make some more stories for you to tell. You know “like shouldn’t virgin ceasars have cherries instead of celery”
    Stay strong pal and we hope to see you at home soon.
    Ed & Jodi


  4. Hi Myrna,
    Thanks for keeping up the post. Will continue to pray for healing . You time in the hospital will be an gift to your collection of signature stories.
    Ian got his pilot’s license this week and is very excited. The risks and the benefits are all part of the adventure of life.
    hugs to you and Layton.


  5. So big brother, enough of this, no more pneumonia, itchy ….s and hopefully nothing else to get in the way of just getting better. We were at Lumby days this weekend and all our friends send you their best for a speedy recovery. Dixie & Angie say “get well quick, we are waiting for the next book”, Pam from my office sends her best wishes and sorry to hear about the accident. Let us know how it goes with the doctors advice on bringing you home in the motorhome. Rueben says we can work that in to his schedule. Love & big hugs (but not to hard on the ribs!!).
    Darline & Rueben


  6. Hi Myrna,
    I know all about the waiting and sitting game.It can be a very challenging time.I know that you will reach the acceptance place and will beable to embrace the moment.
    Tell Layton that when he gets home there will be lots of foot rubs and back massages waiting.
    On the home front, your planters got there long awaited drink. Amanda and I are going to have some back yard fun on Thursday. It is truly our honor to support you in anyway we can.
    Is the irrigation system on a timer?? I hate to be so trival with all you are going through however it will be nice to return to an alive garden.
    Sending you lots of strength,love and patience.


  7. Time is a measure of relativity. Two high school boys told Einstein they couldn’t understand his Theory of Relativity, and he asked them, “If you’re spending an hour with a pretty girl, what happens to the time?”

    “It feels like five minutes, they answered.”

    “If you had to spend five minutes sitting on a hot stove, what would happen to the time?”

    “It would feel like an hour,” they said.

    “Well,” Einstein said, “That in a nutshell is the Theory of Relativity.

    So Myrna, you’re experiencing the hot stove aspect of time. “This, too, shall pass,” goes the old saying, and those words are sometimes the most comforting thing we can think of when times get hard. But this really shall pass. Pneumonia and more tubes must feel very discouraging. But that friend I told you about who had the psychotic episodes going on when he was in the hospital also contracted pneumonia, and now (4 months later) he’s out playing tennis and hiking with his new girlfriend, completely recovered from all that ailed him.

    You have so much attention, prayers and love being showered on Layton from so many people who care about him and you, and that plus his own wonderful spirit – and yours – are going to pull you both through this. All those things are so powerful, and they’re what makes the difference in our outcomes. I’m glad your mom is coming. Moms are great. I wish I didn’t live thousands of miles away, as I’d sure like to be there to give you a hug.

    Layton’s editor


  8. Myrna, could you please post the mailing address again for where people can send cards? I’m looking in your back posts and can’t seem to find it.

    Jessi again


  9. Some people have wanted to send Layton cards:
    I was wondering the same thing yesterday, so I went through all of the old posts, there are more than listed on the left column but its tricky to find them. So here is what I found,

    Renown Medical Center
    1155 Mill Street
    Reno, NV 89502-1474

    Layton Park, Patient
    Sierra Tower, ICU/Trauma
    Room 127

    No flowers, please…he can’t have them…just wishes…

    Thanks again for all of Dad’s support, cards, wishes and prayers. Im sure he will need a suitcase to take them all home!


  10. I believe Ernest Holmes wrote this for Layton:

    “My body, and every part of it, is made of pure Substance – God. It cannot deteriorate. This instant this Infinite Substance within me, which is constantly flowing through me, takes form in the likeness of perfect, whole, complete cells. Every cell of my lungs is strong and healthy, filled with life and vitality, strength and cleanliness. My body, which is Spirit in form, knows no time, knows no degree; it knows only to express fully, instantaneously.
    The Divine Presence, being everywhere and filling all space, must be in me. It must be that which I really am. I recognize It is within me and It is that which I am. I let this recognition of my indwelling Divinity flow through my entire consciousness. I let it reach down into the very depths of my being. I rejoice in my Divinity. I am now made vigorous and hardy. I have the stamina of the Infinite. I am sturdy and robust. I am fortified with God’s perfection and right action. I am hale and able-bodied. All the life of the universe is my life. All the strength of the universe is my strength. All the power of the universe is my power. Every breath I draw fills me with perfection – vitalizes, energizes, and renews every cell of my body. I am born in Sp;irit and of Spirit, and I am Spirit made manifest this instant.”

    And so it is!

    with love and big hugs,


  11. Hi Layton and Wendy,
    If you don’t recognize the name, I’m that lighting rep from Edmonton. I heard about the accident and as a former motorcycle rider, I can feel your pain. Be brave. You have a lot of support out here and anything I can help with during this time, please ask.
    Get well soon.


  12. Hi Layton & Myrna, Just wanted you to know that I’m sending a big full body hug to both of you. Was in Alberta and just arrived home. Thank goodness Layton has a great hospital with lots of care. Lou-Anne


  13. wow that story was a long time ago so far back i only remember parts of it.
    best wishes to you and layton and and still sending out lots of prayers for layton and family.


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