Day 08 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (cont’d)

It was the best of times.

Yesterday, the last of the tubes came out.

Layton ate 1/2 his lunch and 1/2 his dinner.  He had an orange.

He stood up for about five minutes-he did not have the strength to walk yet.

He had visitors from Star Riders Club and thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

He had great care.

It was the worst of times.  Yesterday, when I thought of this title, I was being glib.  I had had the tuna melt in the cafeteria and with the processed cheese, it just did not cut it. 😉

Just got a call from the ward…he had trouble breathing at 5-they did x-rays and he has pneumonia.  Back on the ventilator.  This is the worst of times.  I have been invited to a meditation and since he is really medicated right now, that is likely the best use of my time.  Bummer.  Pray for clarity…of his lungs, his mind, his soul.  Thanks.

1:30 pm  Layton is still heavily sedated and likely will be for a few days.  They move him regularly to keep things from settling in his lung.  I spoke with the doctor this morning and they treat him with the “funnel” approach right off the bat and then will narrow it down once they have isolated the bacteria that is causing the infection.  Karen, his nurse, again is very capable and comforting.  She will be here tomorrow, too and next weekend as well, and she expects we will still be here as well.

I just got emails from my sisters, Adele and Val, and apparently, my mom is flying in tonight to be with us.  She was an RNA for 40+ years so it will be good to have her around.  She will know more than I do and will go for walks with me.  She gets here quite late tonight.

I went to the Centre for Spiritual Living here, like we do in Kelowna, and again, what a beautiful community of support.  I will have at least one visitor a day from them and I am going on a hike on Tuesday evening with one of the ladies.  This is yet another community of prayer for Layton.

I have heard from lots of you who have walked a similar path and it IS comforting to know that you or a loved one has experienced this and come out the other side very well.  I am expecting that by the time Karen comes back to work next Saturday, this will be very much improved.

This time in the hospital, under these circumstances, very much make me think about what is important in my life, in Layton’s.  He gets great joy from his kids, ALL of them, .  His writing is very satisfying and almost a need with him.  I think he will be wanting to write more and I certainly will support that.   He has been thrilled with the feedback so many of you have given on the stories and how they make you laugh!  That is what he wants.

Jeff from Star Riders just called and he will be here in a few minutes with Layton’s gear. That is good.  Signing off for now…clarity, clarity, clarity.

33 thoughts on “Day 08 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (cont’d)

  1. Hello Myrna, I will put Layton on our prayer chain in our church starting rigth away. Marie and I will be praying for his recovery and that the Lord will bless him and look after him. Give Layton our love and concerns.

    Mike and Marie Beck.


  2. Hugs, hugs and more hugs- the gang at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna have you in our hearts and minds…. Love you both, Deb and Kenn


    • Myrna is busy on the phone with Deb and I hear them making plans for another trip while I am still trying to recover from this one… As i finally read all the messages and reply I am so grateful for all the people who took time to write. We feel so happy to have you two in our lives.


  3. Hi Myrna and Layton,

    My goodness what a journey we’ve all been on the past year. It meant so much to see you both in Kelowna last January when I said “see you later” to my friends, co-workers and family. Please know that I’m thinking of you ALL and that I will give you both an extra big hug when I see you soon. Hang in there Layton and remember to laugh. Myrna, treat yourself to a special moment only you can enjoy. Your strength will be Layton’s and he needs that.

    All is well in Edmonton. I’ve been very busy looking after my new family and am thoroughly enjoying my days. Who knew Edmonton could have HOT weather?!!

    Take care. Love to you both!


  4. Dad and Myrna, With alot of Prayers and Positive energy from those around you together you can both get through this hard recovery process.
    It is an emotional Rollercoaster, and I wish I could be by your side, holding your hands so you knew how much I care for you.
    I want Dad to know how much we miss him and love him and I can’t wait to tell him that myself, so Dad I have talked to God more this past week than in my lifetime and I know he is listening. You have already had such a fast recovery process that this week felt like a month, and this illness too, will soon pass. You will be on your feet in no time and we will be waiting with open arms! I love you so much you have no idea! Since I can’t hug and kiss you right now here goes the virtual ones XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


  5. Layton and Myrna,
    We are so glad your Mom is on her way to see you both, Myrna. She has been a great comfort to Mom, and she will be the same for you.
    Layton, you are my big strong brother and you are strong enough to fight this! You are in our thoughts and prayers as always.
    We love you lots!!!
    Lori, Brian, Howie & Jake


  6. Dad, we are praying for your quick recovery and sending you lots of positive energy. I’m posting jokes and stories as I find them to your facebook “Layton Park’s get well fan club” group so that when you are feeling better Myrna can read them to you. I have faith in your body’s healing abilities and can’t wait until you can come back home.

    Myrna, hang in there. I know this is a bit of a roller coaster ride, so don’t let your own body get worn down. Take care of yourself! I am so thankful that you are there by his side.

    We love you both, and look forward to some positive news soon!


  7. Myrna and Layton

    We are back in Ireland this morning and send all our prayers and courage to both of you.

    we kept the group informed of progress.

    We missed you both in Phoenix … we had a brilliant group and my intuition tells me both of you were made for this Odysssey journey.

    Appreciation of life is so important and now you have another odyssey to contend with … we will be be in touch.

    Wish you a fast recovery Layton.


    John & Imelda


  8. Hi Layton and Myrna,
    Things in GP are going okay. A lot of friends are concerned. Some come to the store to see if we have have any updates, so we tell them to keep an eye on this blog. Layton’s favorite saying to me is “You could be my daughter!” Well Layton I don’t think of you as my father but I do consider you as my extended family.
    So GET WELL! The girls keep asking me how you are also- goes to show that even the young ones have been touched by you. I can’t imagin how busy the store will be the day you return to GP for a visit. It will most likely be the busiest day we will have ever had. Prayer for GP being sent your wait. Myrna, thanks for the updates. The nurses are there to help with Layton, so you make sure you take care of yourself. Thinking of both of you.


  9. Hi Myrna,

    So grateful that you have family coming out to support you. I swear that time moves at a different – and much slower pace – in a hospital than out in the world beyond those walls. Friends and family are such a comfort to lean on, literally and figuratively. Wish we could come down and offer our shoulders to you.

    Sounds like Layton is receiving fantastic care out there. Can’t wait to read the story that he’ll surely write about this experience. No doubt he’ll spin a funny rendition. Humour is so healing.

    As always, we are thinking of you both and saying our prayers constantly. Looking forward to reading your next update. Just know that Layton is going to be writing his own updates in no time! Give the big man a hug from us – and know that we’re sending one out to you too.

    Love to you both,
    Karen and Bill


  10. Hi Layton and Myrna….Betty and I are back home and reading all of your wonderful updates and expressions of support….
    This is good! talked to a few of your ‘old’ friends in Rocky and they are watching and pulling for your quick recovery…ran into Tom and Vicky Teskey and Michael Beck….. it seems your medical challlenges are big news in Rocky …
    All of the best in care & recovery
    Darwin & Betty
    Spruce Grove


  11. Myrna & Layton

    Myrna, I check for updates a couple of times a day and you are doing a wonderful job of keeping us all in the loop ( and your humor is great!) Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. We are sure that Layton will soon be on the upward road of recovery and can’t wait to hear his version of this whole deal! Glad to hear your Mom can be there with you Myrna: it sounds like you are surrounded by some awesome people!

    Our love and warm fuzzies to you!


  12. Monday, June 15, 2009

    Dear Myrna & Layton
    Sitting on a limb or edge is stressful to say the least. When it is your other half, that is the topping on the cake. It warms my heart to read the comments from friends and family. You cannot put a price tag on support from friends and family.

    The journey of recovery makes you stronger to hear that so many people care about the both of you.

    The humor I can only offer is, “why did the chicken cross the road?” Having red the comments make me laugh. In the future , “the straw” will be the one I use.
    Hugs & kisses lindy brown


  13. Hi Myrna,
    Thank you for keeping us updated.
    Wishing you brighter days ahead, good to hear Layton is getting good care.
    Love you lots, hugs to all


  14. Myrna… please pass along my best wishes to Layton… so hard to hear this after a ride on the pavement myself back in August… with the doc`s guided hands, together with determination and positive attitude and the outpouring of support, we`ll see him right as rain gear soon enough… he`s lucky to have you by his side for the fight… LOVE IS THE PARAMOUNT KEY TO THE PUZZLE… as strong as your love is now for one another… it becomes even stronger thru this and you can look forward to an even closer bond than you ever imagined… Remember to smile and laugh… it`s key!
    My best wishes and prayers to you both…
    Dan 🙂


    • Finally I am able to read and respond to all the messages that came in to the blog. Didn’t Myrna do a great job of the blog? Your response was so right on, thank you. It has been a journey and after 45 years of riding I am seriously thinking of taking up stamp collecting.

      I so appreciated the time you took to write and your thoughts.



  15. Myrna,
    I am glad to hear uncle is okay, thanks for the updates.
    I will send you all my positve thoughts and energy.
    and when its okay give uncle a hug for me!
    lots of love!


  16. Hey Layton,man, you don’t do things the easy way huh? I believe, that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle…so in my opinion…this speaks volumes for the man you are!! I stated when we first met that I felt you and I would be friends for life, well, Buddy, I believe the best is yet to come!! I believe that there is always a “silver lining behind every cloud”, it may not seem that way now but I believe a time will come when we can look back and accept everything that has happened to us. It will have a purpose. Myrna, keep updating us , we all really appreciate it very much and don’t forget to look after yourself too!! Your strength will be a blessing throughout Layton’s recovery. We were at the Center yesterday and everyone we talked to sends their blessings.
    Take care
    Lawrence abd Barb


    • I am finally feeling strong enough to return my messages and let people know how important they were to me. Also thanks for your visit yesterday and we really appreciate having you in our lives.



  17. Myra – our thoughts are with you and Layton. I was hoping we would be able to stop by on our way to Charlotte, but we won’t be able to. We will keep you both in the loop as to what’s going on with ACN and of any announcements. As well, we’ll send you notices about our ride down there and when we’re going to be coming your way.

    Let Jeff, with Star Riders, know that we all appreciate his and the other Star Riders (and wives) help toward you two. I shall let everyone with the Northern Stars know about their outreach to you.

    You are both in our thoughts and the thoughts of the rest of the riders up this way.

    Robin “Kicker”


    • The Star Riders have been amazing. They check with me regularly, have taken me for dinner twice, had a great visit with Layton on Saturday and will again when he is well and even have given some financial completely blows me away. Monday, I was so absent-minded, I got double-booked, Aren (spelling?, sorry!) from the Centre came to visit as did Cathy and Tom and Mike from Star Riders. I don’t KNOW anyone here and I am double-booked, get great company AND dinner too. What a wonderful world full of amazing people!


  18. Hi Myrna & Layton,

    How is everything going today? I think of you both all day. I’m in a training class and I keep checking the blog. Any news?

    Love, Prayers, Hugs,


  19. Hello Myrna & Layton

    Yes, you are big news in Rocky! So many are praying for a full recovery. And by shear coincidence, I spoke with Larry and Melinda Pearson of the Pearson Group, who were to be in a training course with you last weekend. I had just finished speaking at a Safety Symposium and Larry happened to be the keynote training facilitator. I chatted with Mrs. Pearson afterwards and she mentioned they had just returned from Phoenix. During our casual conversation she mentioned they had heard about your misfortune on the motorcycle. Melinda said they never heard anything about how things turned out after that. Having spoken with Rueben Scott last week I informed Mrs. Pearson that your name was Layton Park and that you are one of my first cousins. How strange it is to be the messenger of Layton’s challenges to someone I had just met. Anyways, their thoughts and prayers are with you as well.


    I know you can do this, the encouragement and love being shown you is something I drew strength from when I needed it during my adventure as well. Luckily I have some of that same Park blood running through my veins and I came out the other side as well.

    You and the family are in our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Ken Meston


    • I can finally type well enough to answer all the messages. You are right we are lucky to have the right blood running through our veins to keep us going. You know how much these messages of support mean at a time like this. Thanks for taking the time.



  20. Hi Myrna, You & Layton are in our thoughts and we will say a prayer for the a great recovery.
    I check the updates daily.
    We are thinking of you! Cheryl & Ken


  21. Hi Myrna…..Wow….I was just informed by Don McConachie about Layton….I had no idea!! Please let him know that he is in our thoughts and prayers….Sounds like a medical miracle and of course super support from his bride. He sure is lucky to have you…..brings a whole new meaning of “sickness and in health”…..I am happy that there will NOT be a summer election and I will leaving Ottawa tomorrow and heading back to Kelowna. If there is anything that Cindy or I can do for you back home please feel free to ask……send our best to Layton……hope to see both of back home soon…..all the best and keep us posted.

    Ron & Cindy Cannan


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