Day 07 Tidying Up the Loose Ends

Today is Friday, actually six days since the accident. Aside from Layton’s hallucinations, the last day has been thankfully uneventful. But great things are on the horizon!

A few days ago, I got an email and two phone calls from the local Star Riders Motorcycle Club. I believe they were notified of our circumstances by Star Riders Don Shafer (Kelowna) and Robin Peterman (Grande Prairie). Jeff K and Michael V both called to see what they could do to help. It seems like we are being pretty well taken care of but Ed had a great idea. Layton is quite concerned about his computer, I am concerned about his passport and he arrived at the hospital here with pretty much the same assets he had the day he was born. Ed suggested that I ask the Star Riders if they could figure out a way to get his stuff to us from Ely, a five hour drive away. I don’t know how they are doing it but Saturday or Sunday night, it will be here. I talked with Jeff again today and the Star Rider ladies are also taking me for dinner Saturday evening. How nice is that! Jeff also made a point of talking to Layton on the phone today as well. I think it was difficult for him to understand Layton with the oxygen mask on, but that was a special touch that I really appreciated. Prior to this, I did not know how I would get the stuff and the writer is really concerned about his stories.

The Centre for Spiritual Living has been offering us support as well. A wonderful woman named Ingeborg stopped by yesterday and we had a great visit. We told her of the “straw” story and she went in search of one for us. Less than an hour later, she was back, but alas, with the same straws Ed had been able to find. This morning another practitioner, Holly, came to visit Layton while we were out for a couple of minutes. When we came in, Layton called out, “Catch her, catch her!” So I did. She had received that information about the “straw” requirement and brought us a thick, flexible plastic straw that is perfect. We are confident it will be very useful later today as they have given him diuretics to drain the fluid from his lungs and apparently, he will be really thirsty in a few hours.

This morning first thing was very hard on me. I came into the room to hear Layton insisting to Dean, the nurse, that he would not take any pills til he talked to me. I had to lean over so he could whisper, “This is all a conspiracy. This is NOT a hospital. It is a renovated school, designed to look like a hospital. They are just pretending I am sick. You must get me out of here!” I just could not help it-I burst out laughing and he became quite indignant. “I need to talk to Ed privately,” he insisted. Ed, the wiser of the two caregivers, talked to him for a few minutes, did not laugh, and explained all the equipment attached to Layton. That seemed to satisfy him. He had a few more conspiracy theories that he shared with us, but for now, that seems to have passed. The doctor says this is really common due to sleep deprivation, drugs and confusing day and night. We hope to go out on the patio on this “pod” later this afternoon so he can see some sun. I have brought my sunglasses for him since yesterday when Ed and I went for a walk, it seemed so bright I could hardly see. I think this is a nice city, the air is clean and the people are friendly.

Bob, today’s respiratory tech, was just in and Layton is creeping up from 694-800-850…we want him to be 1200 so it is coming. Bob recommended they start doing the treatments in the night so he does not go twelve hours without one and the doctor agreed. This is a good thing.

I finally connected last night with the “Angel with the Cell Phone”, Calvin Nelson from Pasco, WA. He explained how they met up (just a wave on the road), had lunch together, went to the Nevada Hotel (something important for bikers, I guess), and then shortly after, the accident. Calvin was able to stop some cars who called 911 and one lady in the second car seemed to know what she was doing and took charge making sure Layton could continue to breathe. I don’t have her contact information yet.

Ed has been here three days.  Three nights we have gone for walks to go out for dinner.  Three pairs of sandals.  Three different sets of blisters.  Ouch.  I had not planned to walk this much.

More fun with Layton tonight.  I found him ginger ale-he has been wanting that for a couple of days.  I put it in the mustard dispenser that Ed got during the straw search.  He pretty much sucked that dry.  I was giving him some juice using the famous straw when he pushed it away and put his hand up.  “Don’t you know the universal ‘man’ sign to stop?”  “Well, sort of I guess.”  And then I gave him more juice, and tried to pull the straw away as I saw the hand go up, but he kept sucking.  “I thought we had a signal and you were supposed to quit drinking?”  “Oh,” says Layton, “I didn’t think you caught on, so I didn’t really mean it.”  He is SO funny sometimes.

Tonight’s nurse thinks that tomorrow the tubes that are draining his chest cavity will be pulled and we will be on a new ward.  That will be good progress.  If you are curious, ask me what seven days in ICU in the US costs, and you will know why you must always have travel insurance, which fortunately we have.  It is scary!

10 thoughts on “Day 07 Tidying Up the Loose Ends

  1. you should definately keep track of all dad’s conspiracy theories. now day’s not only do such theories catch on but you can make movies off them and sell them, or at least advertising on the website from which they can be downloaded.


  2. Hi Myrna,

    I’ve had a little experience with hallucinations myself. Evidently, I was clever enough to have invented “tin foil” while under the influence of some delightful sedatives, sleep deprivation, and blinding pain… so if he mentions tin foil, you tell him I’ve already got dibs on that one!

    Bill’s probably had a few himself, but I’m unaware of him asking any of our friends to pony-up for a sponge bath. Layton is one of a kind!

    We are thrilled to hear of his respiratory improvement and not a bit surprised to learn that he’s still got his sense of humour. Make sure to tell him that I’d love to have a dance too – if he’s going to be handing them out when he’s well and back home. We’re thinking of you constantly and sending our prayers & love to you both.

    Karen and Bill


  3. Myrna, You are an amazing, strong and beautiful woman. Your family is so blessed to have you. I haven’t stopped thinking of you and your family since I recieved the news. (I must confess that I rarely pray. I’m mak’n an exception!!!) …And I agree with Liam. Write down the theroies! You just never know. Lots of Love, Carolyn


  4. Myrna,
    Thanks for the thorough updates. Just heard about the accident yesterday from Linda E. We’ll be praying for you both. Feel free to call if you feel like talking. 250-317-8146


  5. Hi Myrna!

    We just heard about Layton today and we’re shocked at the news.

    Wayne has been in Layton’s position and you are going through what I did with Wayne’s accident in Washington so we can surely relate. Wayne had unbelievable hallucinations as well. Those boys will have loads to share I’m sure.

    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Time is your very best friend as the healing continues. Every minute that goes by is one closer to coming home.

    Warmest thoughts of health and healing are being sent your way. Layton is so fortunate to have you there with him.

    While everyone is taking care of Layton, make sure to take care of yourself too.

    All the best,



  6. Thanks for the updates Myrna. I check first thing everyday to see how everyone is doing. Liam and Layton are not the only talented writers. Love Teresa


  7. Wow all I can say is we are blessed to have such angels by our side when we need them the most. Thanks Calvin for being there for my uncle and the lady in the car.


  8. Thinking of you daily and watching for updates… Myrna take time and care for yourself as well!! Layton seems to have an excellant team caring for him.. Take care


  9. Just a short note to let you know that we are thinking about Layton and sending our prayers and good wishes his way for a speedy recovery.

    1st officer
    CMC Chapter 066
    Peace River


  10. Myna, Jessi here, Layton’s editor. Sure appreciate all your updates and your wonderful attitude and sense of humor. You will get through this. I had a close friend in the hospital last winter who was hallucinating like crazy. He actually climbed out of bed, walked into a part of the hospital where they were doing major construction, stopped a construction worker who he thought was Jesus, and asked him to get him out of there. Luckily Jesus had enough authority with my friend that he managed to get him back to bed.

    The incident scared me badly, as I thought perhaps my friend had become brain-damaged while in the hospital (he was pretty sick). He had several “psychotic episodes” like this, and I was more worried about his mind than his body. Also because he seemed unable to complete his thoughts when he was speaking to us. But the doctor said it would all pass, and it all did. Once he got off the drugs and got out of the hospital, he was perfectly back to his old normal very intelligent very well-adjusted self. So if you find yourself worrying about Layton in this respect, try not to. Hospitals really can mess with patients’ heads, but it’s only temporary.

    Please give my best regards and well wishing to Layton.

    Jessi Hoffman


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