Day 07 Almost Done with Tubing

In a few hours, it will be one week since the fateful event. I, like many of you, have gone from sheer panic, despair, and deep concern to laughing and having incredible gratitude for the wonderful spirit that is Layton. He will not be getting out of ICU today, but they did pull the tubes that were draining his lungs so they want to watch him closely again today. He is still coughing up “crud” from his lungs, but less every day and it looks better every day.

Ed just left and it really has been a blessing having him here. He just offers more perspective, other ideas for handling some of the practical things I need to deal with like insurance companies, adjusters, getting Layton home, taking care of the bike, etc. Ed also has been great company for both me and Layton. He has been easy to have around and a real friend. Years ago, Layton and Ed were roommates and both pretty broke. But they bought some used motorbikes and had some great fun together. If you want to read a REALLY funny story about Ed and Layton on motorbikes, check out Park-Wright on this blog. Thanks aren’t enough, but “Thanks.”

My sister, Val, is an independent adjuster and she has been great about keeping me informed and making sure I do what I need to do.

Layton has a new nurse today, Karen. She has been a nurse for 23 years and had never had a patient with a “scrotum scratcher”, aka, hairbrush. Ed, Layton, and I think that with a few modifications, we could have a marketable product that we could sell in hospital gift shops world-wide. Guys would buy it for their friends WAY before flowers and it would bring comic relief to difficult times. Heck, some of the nurses might even buy them for their patients, as opposed to the alternative of supplying the service. Layton offered to lend his to the other guys on the ward!

I will update again after the Star Riders visit today. Thanks to all for the comments. Layton is going love reading them all himself when he can sit up long enough.

4 thoughts on “Day 07 Almost Done with Tubing

  1. Hi Myrna and Layton,

    I am knowing that you will be leaving the ICU and will be receiving wonderful loving care on another unit.

    Today you should be receiving a special package. I will really be impressed with the prompt arrival.

    I checked on you home and all is well. Your flowers really need a drink. Liam said he would look after it and connect the irrigation?? It is going to rain however the flowers really need a soaking. Would you like for me to over see your flowers??

    Thinking of you both and sending you a BIG HUG.


    Laura-Lee and Dean



  2. Just dropping you a note to make sure you know you are top of the list in the prayer work!! Myrna your ability to keep perspective and humor in this is a true blessing. (are you channeling Layton’s humor streak in your own inimitable way?)
    Love you both, & thanks for keeping us smiling!!
    Deb and Kenn


  3. Hi Layton & Myrna,

    Thanks for keeping the info coming…, glad things are getting better. I’m also glad that I don’t need the special scratcher and can still do it myself. 🙂

    Keep smiling and healing!!!

    love & prayers,



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