Day 01 Waiting for Surgery

They asked me to come in early in case they wanted to start early but so far, looks like a 9:00 start time.

Layton’s night nurse, Dean, made him happy last night.  It was time later yesterday to change his sheets, which is incredibly painful.  Fortunately for Layton, Allison, the day nurse, got called to an emergency just as she was going to change them.  Dean suggested to Layton that since he is out of his bed for surgery anyway, they would change his sheets then.  One thumb up from Layton to that!!

9:20 He just went into surgery.  Difficult time for him with cloggy throat, nose…wanting to cough, swallow, have a drink…all the things we take for granted.  The doctor says the ribs are each broken in about four areas.  When we look at the scan, on his right side, it is like looking down a small garden hose, seeing the ribs.  On his left, there are two garden hoses side by side, indicating the break.

His lungs are interesting, too. His right lung sort of looks like a blacked out North America.  His left lung, all we can see is the Canadian Arctic.  So plating the ribs should create space for “Southern Canada and the US” to fill in and restore full lung capacity.  They told him he might be getting his ventilator tube out today, but I am thinking they were just saying that since I just found out he goes for another surgery tomorrow.

As I said before, the surgery is to repair the collar bone, broken in three places, and the ribs, multiple breaks.  Big war wound under his arm, I think.  The surgeon said he didn’t want to be too “excited”, but Layton’s injury is very unusual so to someone in his business, REALLY interesting.  Just like I find it interesting in the multiple ways people communicate.  He is a confident, pleasant young man.

Tomorrow, this surgeon teams up with his buddy, the sports surgeon who specializes in tendons and muscles and they are going to go in and repair his shoulder socket.  Because of the nerves in this area, this is a bit more challenging, thus, the two surgeons, one “bone”, one “tissue”.  As he said, “This is what they do all day long”  so he is with experts.

Layton was a little concerned about the surgery, wondering if it was necessary.  His doctor assured him that it was the best way.  Virtually 100% certainty that without it, he would get pneumonia, and that would be NASTY!  I assured him that tomorrow he would feel like a new man…so of course, then he needed the pen, “Just so long as you don’t feel like a new man.”:))

There are so many people taking care of him-nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors, social workers, and more!  It is interesting as I sit in the surgery waiting area, I am on the second floor, with a window behind me, a plant beside me, looking down through the rails to the first floor, while someone is playing light classical music on a piano!  There is lovely art everywhere, on the walls, vases, great lamps (nice contract to get, Bonnie and Claudette!), great architectural design.

I think I will go find a cup of tea and then explain to you about “hand signals.”  I am glad so many of you are reading this…it really is quite therapeutic to write it as well.

8 thoughts on “Day 01 Waiting for Surgery

  1. It doesn’t look like my comments from yesterday are on here, just a technical tool I am learning. I was going to say we are looking forward to another border crossing story by Layton. I think it could go something like this, ‘I have my passport but my medical documentation is on the dresser’; meanwhile all the scanners are screaming.

    Mom and Adele have been trying to catch up with the kids, Mom is also keeping Dorthy updated.

    It is nice for us to keep up to date and very glad the humour is still coming. Myrna when’s the last time you sat in one spot for this many hours? Buy yourself a frivously novel and enjoy.

    I shared this news w/ Paula and she shared it with a few others at work.

    Rachel’s grad is tomorrow, the cabbage patch girl is growing up.

    That’s all for now. Hey Layton, sing the song you can’t keeep a good guy down!



  2. Well big brother, you do always like to do things in a big way, but this is a bit too much! You and I will never be able to fly anywhere together, with all the metal we are carrying in our bodies we will set off every alarm in the airport. I wonder what would happen if we walked into a magnetic field of some kind…whoosh and you are flat on the ground and stuck there. Rueben may be going on some of your intended journey, he is supposed to go to Alabama to pick up a grinder this next week, but unfortunately, I have to stay home and work. I am sure he won’t get to see the sights you were going to see though, from the seat of a Peterbuilt as opposed to your bike. Well I hear the doctors are pleased with your surgery and your progress, so that is good news and I wish you well for tomorrows round 2 of surgery.

    Myrna I can imagine that you are exhausted, so try to get rest and look after yourself as I imagine you are going to be a bedside nurse when you both get home.
    Love Darline


  3. It is good to hear that Layton is going through surgery well and that the doctors have a handle on it. It is also great to know about the kind of care he is getting.

    I am glad that writing about it is therapeutic for you Myrna – it is important to have some stress relief for you too.

    Good to see his sense of humor is in tact!

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you guys!


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